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Download a free day trial of Adobe Presenter Create any kind of eLearning end-to-end. For any device. Adobe® Presenter 9 software makes it simple to create professional quality videos by capturing both yourself and your screen with just a few clicks. Turn passive content into video presentations, product demonstrations, training videos, and more, on your own, right at your desktop. Edit your videos. Adobe® Presenter 9 software, now with PowerPoint support and Windows® 8 compatibility, helps you convert slides into interactive content using out-of-the-box assets and quizzes. Important enhancements include option for simplified four-button interface for video editing, better tracking of.

Adobe Presenter lets you create contents that are ideal for distance learning and teaching. In only a few steps you'll be able to create your own lessons on HD video or design interactive presentations with questionnaires. Transform your presentations in PowerPoint. Thus, for example, after finishing a PowerPoint presentation we'll be able to add animations, questionnaires or narrations, among many other things, from a very simple and intuitive interface. Adobe Presenter is the appropriate tool for those people that want to create courses and dynamic contents, without having any coding or design knowledge. Noteworthy aspects of Adobe Presenter Some of the most significant aspects of this program are:

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On these models you can only access Presenter 10 in the Chrome browser. Make sure that you have disabled ad-blockers, since they can interfere with Presenter How can I log in to Presenter 10? After opening Presenter 10, a splash screen appears and you are referred to the log-in page. Enter your email address and password here. In case you are already familiar with Presenter 9, you can use the same log-in details. How much does it cost to create a Prowise Presenter account?

Creating a Presenter account is entirely free! I am new to Prowise Presenter. Where can I register? Are you new to Prowise Presenter? Welcome to the Presenter Community! Would you like to create an account for your school or management board? Our colleagues will then get started with your request.

I forgot my username, now what? It is no longer possible to log in with a username rather than an email address in Presenter Find out which email address is linked to your account. I forgot my password, now what? Have you forgotten your password? Saving files in Presenter You can save files in Presenter A new window appears. First, find a suitable location to save your file. Your file has now been saved. I am currently using Presenter 9, but want to move on to Presenter You can now save a Presenter 9 file in Presenter Whatever you choose, you can still open, edit and save your file in Presenter 10 the next time.

I am temporarily using both Presenter 9 and Presenter 10 separately. This way, the Presenter 9 file remains in its original format and you are still able to open it as such. A file that was created in Presenter 10 cannot be opened, edited or saved as a Presenter 9 file. How long can I still use Presenter 9?

We would like to make the transition from Presenter 9 to 10 as easy and complete as possible. You can continue to use Presenter 9 without any worries. We will inform you in a timely manner about the final date on which Presenter 9 will no longer be available. Which platforms support apps?

We have apps for Android tablets and iOS tablets. Prowise Central the operating system of our touchscreens has its own app. You can read more about downloading apps here. How do I download the app for Windows? There is no separate app for Windows. Instead, we offer the browser version. The browser version has all the same functionalities as the apps for Android, iOS and Central.

For the optimal experience, we recommend the Chrome browser. What will happen to my lessons and folders? All your lessons and folders are automatically converted and integrated in Prowise Presenter This means you can open the lessons you have created in Presenter 9, in Presenter Should you experience any problems with this, we are happy to help.

How do I add my own images or sounds to Prowise Presenter 10? Select a file from your computer, drag it to your file and drop it. The following file types are supported: How do I create folders in Prowise Presenter 10? It is currently not possible to create, delete or move folders in Prowise Presenter 10 yourself.

We are working hard to enable this feature as soon as possible. In case you already want to create or edit a folder, you can do so in Presenter 9. The changes you make in Presenter 9 will also be visible in Presenter How do I use the annotate feature in Prowise Presenter 10?

At this moment it is not possible to use the annotate feature in Presenter We are working hard to make this happen and hope to add it to the software package as soon as possible. You can still access and use the annotate feature in Prowise Presenter 9 like you always have.

How do I use the 9-square grid in Prowise Presenter 10? The 9-square grid as you know it from Presenter 9 is not exactly the same in Presenter The fact is that you are still able to use all the space on the page.

In addition, lessons from Presenter 9 that have a 9-square grid will still open in the same way that they used to. We are doing everything we can to add this feature to our software as soon as possible.

How do I use the 'interactive i' in Prowise Presenter 10? We fully understand the importance of this feature and are doing everything we can to add it to Prowise Presenter 10 as soon as possible. How can I search within the media library in Prowise Presenter 10? Right now, it is not possible to use the search function in the media library of Prowise Presenter How do I give individual letters in the same text box a different format?

It is currently not possible to give individual letters in the same text box a different format. We are doing our utmost best to add this feature as soon as possible.

The best way to get started right now is to create another text box and give the separate text boxes a different format. Now you can place the extra text box over the word or white space in the other text box. Is it possible to open lessons in Prowise Presenter 9 that have been created in Prowise Presenter 10? No, it is not possible to access lessons in Prowise Presenter 9 that have been created in Presenter Naturally, the opposite is possible.

What is the difference between Presenter 9 and Presenter 10? Prowise Presenter 10 is an incredible and complete package, there are quite some differences compared to Presenter 9. Read the differences here. How can I relay my feedback on Prowise Presenter 10? Your opinion is highly valued and we therefore welcome feedback. Please send your feedback to presenter10 prowise.

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