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You can change the texture format at any time using the Save As command. Show while Mouse Move If enabled, the brush shape and size also applies to the Eraser in both the 3D view and the texture view will be displayed as an outline. If this occurs during painting, enable the following option:

Jan 28, - 18 Alternatives to BodyPaint 3D you must know. With reviews, features, pros & cons of BodyPaint 3D. Find your best replacement here. Maxon Bodypaint 3D has become the standard 3D painting tool used in the film and game texture pipelines. Renowned for its stability and performance. Sep 19, - BodyPaint 3D is basically a complete 3D software (important to create 3D configurators) solution, known for its 3D painting and UV mapping.

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Wave good-bye to UV seams, inaccurate texturing and constant back-and-forth switching to your 2D image editor. Say hello to hassle-free texturing that lets you quickly paint highly detailed textures directly on your 3D objects. Clone, Smear, Sponge, Dodge and Burn, Gradient, Magic Wand, transform tools and more are all available within the easy to use interface. Some parts will be slighty scaled, distored or twisted because you are trying to project a 3D object onto a 2D plane.

You have to keep this in mind while painting your textures in 2D. Sometimes this produces unpredictable results. Each brush can paint up to ten channels simultaneously, so a single brushstroke can affect Color, Bump, Specularity, Reflection, Transparency and other properties. There is no need to match the various channels in your 3D application.

Projection painting allows distortion-free painting across multiple objects to eliminate seams and get the results you want — which is not possible in 2D! Painting in 3D is governed by UVs, a set of coordinates that relate polygons to texturing areas. Properly designed UV coordinates are essential to successful painting and quality texturing in 3D.

Because almost all 3D models involve contours in 3D space, standard projections like spherical and flat mapping are not able to provide distortion-free texturing. Each model must be set up with correctly aligned UVs prior to painting, just like taping off the trim in a room prior to painting. You can utilize one of three different algorithms, including Cubic Optimal Mapping, to automatically optimize your UV coordinates and remove overlapping points. Whether adjusting UVs for a low-res game model or a high-res matte painting, BodyPaint 3D provides the UV tools you can rely on when the UV mapping is not as perfect as the model you have built.

The standard brush tool includes pressure, hardness, size, bitmap, distortion, rotation, jitter and other parameters for hundreds of painting possibilities. The effect of any parameter can be controlled by the pressure, tilt, direction or finger wheel of your graphics tablet. Over presets are provided with BodyPaint 3D, representing a variety of natural media and special effects.

A real highlight of BodyPaint 3D is that it now supports the. BodyPaint 3D artists can now take advantage of vast resources available in the Photoshop community. Each layer can be assigned a unique opacity and mix mode. BodyPaint 3D also features a real-time preview of layer transformations so you can easily position, scale, rotate, skew and distort layers until your composition is just right. You can also define a mask in any layer, work with alpha channels or apply different blend modes to layers.

The Layer Shader makes it possible to quickly assign filters or procedural shaders to images. BodyPaint 3D is second-to-none when compared to conventional 2D image editing applications, and is ideal for high-end compositing and montage work. Visible seams at UV edges are now a thing of the past. The detachable projection layers in particular make this process easier by letting objects or images be placed freely before the projection is applied. With projection painting enabled you can paint onto a virtual glass plate over the model and subsequently project this painting onto the actual textures.

Projection painting even allows users to paint across multiple objects with a single stroke to eliminate seams. Copy and paste paint between layers. You can copy and paste between layers while in projection paint mode and you can even join two separate images with perfect blending and distortion.


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