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Inventor HSM software not only provides all the conventional machining strategies, but it also generates smooth linking moves that reduce machining time and increase machine and tool life. Autodesk Inventor is a comprehensive set of solutions for 3D-engineering design and documentation, development of cable and piping systems, design of injection molds and testing the performance of developed products. Thanks to Inventor, engineers can integrate AutoCAD drawings and other 2D-data into a single model, creating a virtual representation of the final product. Checking shape tolerances and functionality implemented by means of software to run long products in production. Inventor includes a full set of flexible tools for 3D-engineering design, analysis, production, creation of tooling, design, custom and exchange design data.

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Intelligent 3D modeling tools help you accelerate accurate design and detailing. Speed time to fabrication and construction with tools that automatically generate shop drawings and deliverables. Parametric steel connections Ready-to-use Connection Vault can help save time. Built-in connection design engine Check steel-connection design in real time. Stairs, railings, and cage ladders Model miscellaneous steelwork more quickly. Sheet metal and folded plate work Create folded elements of any shape more quickly. Fabrication data information Access and transfer fabrication data and properties.

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