Buy Buy Cheap Topaz Photography Collection 2015

Buy Cheap Topaz Photography Collection 2015

The finished piece measures Photo courtesy Sonja Kreis Unique Jewelry. One of the most spectacular gems at the Tucson show was a magnificent freeform Alexander Kreis specializes in unique cutting styles.

He comes from a year family tradition of gemstone cutting and jewelry making. The business is still a Kreis family affair: Gems have been part of his life from an early age, as his father traveled the world dealing with rough stones.

The young Alexander was fascinated by stories of faraway mines and the little bags of rough crystals his father brought back. This spurred him to pursue a traditional apprenticeship, where he learned the fundamentals of gem cutting. However, Alexander broke from tradition to follow his own unique appreciation for beauty. He strives to use the rough in a nontraditional way. Kreis always seeks the beauty in rough material. Today a bustling city and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ouro Preto owes its prosperity, institutions, and beautiful baroque architecture to the mineral wealth—namely gold, tourmaline, and topaz—in the surrounding hills.

Today, as in the s, topaz with this red, pink, or orangy yellow color component is rare and very valuable. Sauer et al. Although these topaz mines were once very active, there is no longer mining of any scale. They first learned of it in September from an old acquaintance, an avid collector who believed Alexander could create something exceptional from the crystal.

But what makes it even more beautiful for us, is that it depicts the whole range of warm colors an Imperial topaz can have, and does so with an amazing intensity. The Kreis family acquired the topaz in December Before making a commitment to buy, they spent most of the previous four months analyzing the crystal to determine a fashioning plan.

Although they briefly considered cutting the piece as three or more separate gems, their objective quickly became to cut the largest known top-quality Imperial topaz. The original ct topaz crystal from which Kreis fashioned the Imperial Flame. As a result, cutters must exercise extreme care to avoid grinding the stone perpendicular to the cleavage plane. Inclusions might also cause the stone to break on the wheel. According to Sauer et al. Well-formed, fairly clean crystals yield up to 2 ct per gram 5 ct , or a recovery rate of 40 percent.

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