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A lot of the installation, configuration, and maintenance hassle is now taken care of on your behalf. With FileMaker Cloud, your server horsepower can be adjusted as needed or even stopped altogether during off hours, which is great if your use of FileMaker is seasonal or otherwise variable.

There are two components to what you pay for when using FileMaker Cloud: CPU, storage, network traffic, etc. You can pay for both entirely through AWS, or you can bring your own license BYOL , in which case you will be paying FileMaker for the license and Amazon for the utilization of the server resources. When your billing is done entirely through AWS, you can choose to license the software hourly or annually. Annual licensing will cost the same as FLT pricing.

But if you choose hourly licensing and end up keeping the server online most of the time, your costs will add up quickly. Remember that the cost of the server resources will be in addition to the cost of the license.

The server resources cost can be tricky to estimate, because it depends on disk space use, network traffic, etc. AWS has an online calculator where you can make some assumptions about these cost parameters to see what the eventual total might be.

To be eligible, your annual or perpetual license must have five or more concurrent connections. Figure 7. FileMaker licensing for teams with concurrent connections Case Study Be sure to read the second part of this blog post: Look, ma, no installation! Works equally well in Chrome 48 on Android devices. A few versions ago FileMaker introduced WebDirect, a technology that allows users to access FileMaker databases in a web browser.

Until now, WebDirect worked only on your desktop computer. Well, on a smartphone or tablet running the latest version of either iOS or Android, you can now access a properly hosted FileMaker database without having to install FileMaker Go or anything else. Swift programming language tutorials and courses ] Making FileMaker apps available to Android users in Chrome is the most exciting thing about the FileMaker 15 release. Mobile browser support is available in iOS, too, but remember, FileMaker Go for iOS is a free download and provides a better experience.

But apps run in Go or your browser still need to be built in Pro, or better, Pro Advanced, and the old programs do get a few tweaks that will matter only to developers: The layout inspectors in FileMaker Pro Advanced 15 top and 14 below.

Server FileMaker Pro still supports peer-to-peer sharing for a handful of other FileMaker licenses on the same LAN, but hosting your files in FileMaker is incomparably better in every way.

Not only can your files be accessed by significantly more users when hosted by FileMaker Server , they will also be more secure, access will be faster, backups will be easier, various processing tasks can be performed by Server, and finally, FileMaker Server is necessary if you wish to access your files remotely in FileMaker Go or WebDirect.

Using a FileMaker database without Server to host it is like living in Dallas without a car: Like FileMaker Pro and Pro Advanced, FileMaker Server in version 15 gets few headlines and such improvements as it does get will be important mainly to developers and network admins: I am pretty sure FileMaker Incorporated regards this approach as simpler and in some ways it is. With the bad old approach, you had to calculate the average and maximum number of connections Server would be hit with at any one time during a typical day.

The FileMaker for Teams licensing model also more closely resembles the models used in the larger corporate database world, and in that respect, it may make TCO and ROI comparisons easier for decision makers.

Bottom line FileMaker 15 release will matter more to some groups of users than to others.

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An example of when users are anonymous: User vs Concurrent Connections User vs. Concurrent Connections As mentioned earlier, FileMaker Server for Teams works with user connections, and the other licensing programs work with concurrent connections. An example will help clarify why both options are available:

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